About Kara

So, You Want To Build A Profitable Business?

And You Know Accounting Problems Are Holding You Back?


I am Kara Mojica, Founder of First Choice Accounting. I offer you over 20 years of solution oriented, problem solving accountancy experience and these profit-making benefits:

  • Your accountancy practices do not have to be dull and drab!
  • It’s time to add a bit of excitement while solving your problems!
  • Time to motivate you or your employees to find solutions!
  • I’ll teach 3 to do the work of 10. And let the 3 be proud of what they accomplish!
  • Save you money to go right to your bottom line!
  • I become part of your management team, to relieve you of employee hassles!

“All this will cost a lot,” you say. “Not So,” I say. You will:

  • Discover my rates much lower, very affordable and beating most (so clients tell me!).
  • Receive unbelievable references to back my claims.
  • Learn my response time is faster than any CPA’s.
  • Find I get your accountancy work done faster and better than the best.
  • Discover I work with awesome speed and efficiency (so I’m told!).
  • Pursue for excellence and detail until I get it right.
  • “Do it and do it better than-the-best” for you. For this is my 24/7 attitude.
  • You receive the continual best, while earning all the benefits.

Do You Need Me Now?

  • I Have Solutions For You.
  • I can come to your office or work online to save you time.
  • You don’t and won’t waste time trotting to mine.
  • Provide superlative service 24 on 7 with enthusiasm.
  • Let you reach me anytime via telecommuting if a problem hits.

Contact Me Now. Prompt Replies Guaranteed.

I mastered QuickBooks – and all its offshoots – years ago, to make accountancy sing, zing and go easy! For few know how to use it to save time, find cuts and make bottom lines soar. I do.

I work with other accounting and bookkeeping systems, too! I have even developed my own accounting and bookkeeping systems to lower your costs if you wish to use them.

Whether you have a staff of 5 or 50, or fly solo, I’ll teach you cost-saving tricks and tactics that will amaze you. And will do it with integrity, efficiency and based on vast experience. For you deserve the best.

How I work for you…

  • I DO NOT rush in!
  • I listen to your profit objectives, your accountancy problems, and more.
  • I analyze your systems, and the source of your problems.
  • Suggest solutions.
  • Whether it is tax problems, out of control costs, improperly configured accounting systems.
  • When we agree, we act.

The result?

You end up with an accounting and bookkeeping system that works at peak efficiency to let savings drop right to your bottom line.

You can focus on your primary objective: creating profit to grow and expand your company. And I’ll be on call, part-time or full-time, anytime, or anywhere, to fine tune or solve new problems that may come up.

Should we talk now? I have solutions. Prompt replies guaranteed.