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AM Partners retained Kara Mojica in April 2009 to provide needed accounting services for our firm and allied companies. We had experienced numerous employee turnovers in our accounting department in the preceding months, and given our work volume slow-down, decided to retain an outside consultant. Kara stepped into the void and addressed the issues in our accounting. She worked diligently to reconcile our books and coordinate ongoing accounting demands. She has proved an invaluable resource in consolidating our QuickBooks accounting ledgers, and responded to all our needs and reporting procedures. Kara has been a delight to work with. She is motivated and pursues quality in all she does. We highly recommend Kara for any accounting position. She exhibits all the requisite skills, works well with everyone, and is dedicated to quality service and product. Any questions regarding her qualifications, please feel free to contact me.

David Ayer

Principal, AM Partners LLC

Kara’s services have been phenomenal from the get-go. There were so many (problem) areas of my business that she brought to my attention that I had not even thought of, or never knew where to find the answers. She has been extremely helpful with any issues revolving around my business, along with helping solve any problems that came up. I am positive she stayed on top of things for me, and gave me peace of mind knowing there are aspects of the business I do not have to worry about. That to me is the biggest value!

Leila Okahara

Kreative Photo

As a small business, it is imperative that we have an accounting firm review and comment on a monthly basis. You and your company have been extremely diligent and professional in not only both of these concerns but also in organizing and implementing accounting solutions necessary for our company. In addition, you have done an excellent job in communicating with our CPA and preparing all the documents necessary for tax filings which has saved us a considerable amount of money. The comment from our CPA was he wished you were with us from the beginning of our company!

Seymour Kazimirski

Global Consulting Company, Inc.

As a small business owner in Hawaii, I have had the pleasure to work with Kara Mojica for the past three years. Kara is professional, extremely knowledgeable and always willing to go out of her way to assist my business. Knowing that Kara is handling all of my accounting services has allowed me to concentrate on my clients, which has allowed my business to grow. Kara’s services have definitely given me peace of mind.

Roger Barsatan

Owner, Inline Construction

I am happy to say a few good words about Kara Mojica because people like me, who need help in accounting, should know about her. For years, I did my own accounting on QuickBooks. But every now and then, I’d mess something up and it took me hours if not days to correct it. I had lots of backups and often restored a backup and then reentered everything I lost. But when I got busy, forget it! I was late on everything. In 2010 I finally said enough! I hired Kara, and am so glad I did. She is not your stereotype accountant/bookkeeper. She is friendly, personable and a joy to work with. And yet, she works like you want your accountant/bookkeeper to work: enthusiastic, super-fast, super accurate, able to fix your mess-ups, great communication, on time, very knowledgeable, trustworthy and reasonably priced. What more can you ask for? I recommend Kara without reservation. If you try her, I believe you will too.

Steven Hinaga

President, DataCraft, Inc.

Kara has an incredible ability to go in, take over a business’ accounting, and make it manageable and efficient. That is just one of the many talents she possesses. She is extremely organized, can take a banker’s box and turn it into a set of books and well organized files. I have worked with dozens of accountants. She is a shining star from her personality to her work performance. She is upbeat, energetic and brings all her energy to the job to get the task completed. No matter the task, if she tells you she will be done by tomorrow at 9 a.m., she will be done at 9 a.m. She is a woman of her word and possesses a very high level of integrity. These are definitely qualities you look for in an accountant. If you are looking for an energetic, knowledgeable, out of the box thinker who is highly motivated and organized, she is the accountant for you. You will not regret hiring her.

Kathlyn Wintz, CPA

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